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About us

When Our Branding and Web Design Powers Combine!

Bea + Elle have a combined 20+ years experience working in the graphic design and business branding industry. Both have the same goal when it comes to projects and bring their individual strengths and skills to the job, which is what makes them such a powerhouse!

Bea + Elle started with a love of helping small businesses grow through strong and unique designs.  Helping clients learn more about themselves, their business, and their audience is their jam! Their goal is to deliver a complete design package that takes your vision to the next level.

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The Elle

Laura’s intuition when it comes to her design work has been noted numerous times by multiple clients. She takes pride in her ability to understand what you need and more often than not the first rough sketch of your logo that she creates is the one you’ll choose to build off of. Social strategies, colour, pattern, and custom content are also within her scope when it comes to packaging your design needs.

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Why Laura Loves working with Brooke

Brooke is capable of everything I can’t wrap my mind around, and more. She has the ability to package up a project in a way that I can’t fathom - she keeps her cool when I’m too excited to think straight, and ties it all up neatly. Brooke is the yin to my yang, the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope.

Bea + Elle offers Affordable Branding and Web Design Services for Small Businesses. Click here now to learn more about this dynamic duo!

Why Brooke Loves working with Laura

Laura is a creative genius. Every time I see one of her designs, I am in awe of her talent! She inspires me in just about every way. Much like her hero Leslie Knope, Laura loves what she does and dives right in. And I'm more than happy to dive in with her.

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The Bea

Brooke loves helping clients build their businesses through web design, graphics, and branding. She loves seeing her clients grow and succeed.


If you’re scared of the techy stuff, Brooke can teach you the ins and outs of the platforms you're working with and help you feel more comfortable with it.


Brooke is a problem solver. If she doesn't already know how to do it, she'll do the research to make sure it gets done. Whether its coding or new design styles, she's up for the challenge.