Hey You! I’m Working!

These are trying times in a number of ways. I know that many of us are struggling to find that balance of working at home with kids, spouses, or roommates. The struggle is SO SO real.

I can’t tell you how many Zoom calls I’ve had. The Zoom calls, days, and even months are all sort of rolling together. I’m fortunate to have an office to work in where I can shut the door and drown out the sounds of the Youtubers playing Fortnite. I also have noise canceling headphones that help immensely. BUT I still have to occasionally parent. Mostly its my 9 year old knocking on the door asking about his Oreo rations. True stuff.  Bless my children, but my current sign “DO NOT BUG MOM” just isn’t working anymore.  And although Oreos and the eating of them are super important, the kids got to know when he can actually open the door.

Behold, the office door sign I didn’t know I needed. I saw this on a friend’s Facebook post and knew I needed to make one for my office door and figured I’d share the printable with all you other working from home people.  Use a paper clip or clothes pin to mark what level you’re at. So you shouldn’t have anyone peaking through the door! Hopefully this will help cut down on the interruptions! I left it mostly Black and white to help cut down on the ink. I can’t believe how much we’ve gone through for all the kids assignments.


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