Logo Design: 31 Logos in 31 Days by Hayley and Laura


A month or so ago Hayley of Type Affiliated was at my house and had an idea to create 31 Logos in 31 Days as a basic logo design project together. We came up with 31 business categories together and then split them. There was an actual coin flip to decide. I got odds, Hayley got evens. We then took our lists and named each business, came up with a short description, 3 descriptive branding words, and a custom color palette. And here we are! Each of us will design a logo for all 31 business concepts this month – just a logo, not full branding.

The idea.

Sometimes, as a creative, you need a project to help you expand your scope a little bit. This is what this logo design project is, along with pure madness! 31 Logos in 31 Days is a lot of work and it’s important (for me) to remember that it isn’t full branding. I rarely, if ever – I never – do only logo design for a brand. The designs for these daily projects are not pre-made. We’re doing them day to day and you’re welcome to join us by uploading your own logo designs! You can use #HL31Logos and tag us so we can see and swoon.

How it works.

Each day in July we’ll both post the design brief of the day and our design on our Instagram accounts. Then we’ll swoon and marvel over one another’s interpretations and style. Hayley specializes in hand lettering and I do not. It’s going to be fun to see the logos we come up with because they’re going to be completely different but also professional. I love Hayley’s style, that’s why it was a no-brainer to hire her to redesign my own personal brand, Sugar Grenade Designs. And of course, I trust no one more than Brooke to design my website. It’s good to have these kinds of creatives within your business network!

Anyway, that is the gist of 31 Logos in 31 Days. We’re excited to create these designs and to see how this all comes together, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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