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When we caught sight of the #NPScolorforecasting tag on Instagram we died. We died in a glorious, beautiful, happy way! Some of our most popular posts on our Instagram are our custom color palette branding posts. We really love color and we love that we attract people who love color too. It’s a truly beautiful thing to share and cultivate a mutual love like that.

After the #NPScolorforecasting tag appeared, it got me thinking, “what if I was commissioned to create the template for National Park Services color campaign posts?” It’s something we’re already doing, it doesn’t seem unrealistic to catch the right eye and land our dream design job from it. Just the thought of all 419 national park sites having these posts got me pretty excited.

If you follow Bea + Elle on Instagram you’ll have seen our color palette posts. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, why aren’t you following us on Instagram?! Below is an example of how our color palette posts look. Pretty yummy. We take great pride in them and ooh and aah over each one, and really, they’re kind of addicting to make…

Visiting national parks are major bucket list items and deserve to be showcased – not that Mother Nature isn’t doing a stellar job of that all by herself but this is our dream and we’re collaborating with her on this, so just go with it, okay? We miss the opportunity to visit, that’s for sure. Our National Park memories aren’t fading fast. They’re fully saturated and fresh in our minds, but we do miss being there.

The design bit:

If that big dream came true and I was to come up with a template for the parks to use I’d definitely incorporate their iconic logo – how could I not? Branded content looks amazing and a subtle watermark adds that something a little extra. It stands out in the right way, when it’s done right. Another option would be to play off that iconic logo and go big and bold by making it the frame. It looks like a little teaser, a peek through a keyhole in to nature, and it really makes you want to see more…


Ultimately we aim to make any brand we work with iconic – that is absolutely always our goal, and what more could you really ask for? We take branding very seriously. 

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Brooke and Laura have a combined 20+ years of experience in graphic design, web design, and business branding.

Branding is an investment in your business – one that can and will yield countless returns over the life of your business. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to invest in a professionally designed visual brand identity that instills confidence and can stand the test of time. You know like the ones we do! Hint. Hint.⁠
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You know this one already. Youve been on the consumer end of this. Theres a reason why we all go back to the businesses that treat us well. AND theres a reason we avoid businesses that dont treat us well.⁠
Your clients and customers REMEMBER how youve made them feel. Especially if you made them feel amazing! ⁠
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This ones a little more monochromatic with browns, yellows, and a little dash of an earthy green. Fabulous image from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.⁠
Photo credit by:⁠
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💥 Heres a little roundup of some of my current favorite free fonts you can find on Google Fonts. (⁠⁠
If you mention fonts to Brooke, her wee face will light up and then she breaks into a slight sweat because she LIVES for fonts. Lives 👏 for 👏 them 👏 ⁠⁠#fontaddict 
Swipe through and check these out. Ive highlighted what these fonts were created for and should probably add that just because I love them doesnt mean I use each one for everything - even if I want to.⁠⁠ When it comes to font selection and usage you want balance and a strategy. It’s really easy to get carried away and use too many because fonts really are fun. We try to stick with 3 fonts tops for branding and web design.

I hope Ive done Brooke proud with this little collection. What do you think?

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