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The Client

Miner Music DJ

Miner Music DJ is a professional event DJ who has been serving Utah since 1996. The business started as a hobby for Erick’s father, and the torch was passed to him, the next generation, which brings us to his brand and web design project.

With an already established reputation and the goal of becoming a trusted, professional Premier Wedding and corporate DJ we needed to add some brand identity. We began with the signature bright pink that has been their trademark color since the early days.

We did our research, checked out his niche and competitors within the DJ community, especially locally, and found a lot of very dark, masculine websites. As we took into account the target audience of Wedding DJ services we added contrast to the signature color palette: pink with teal, dark plum, and slate grey. Fun, bold, professional, high contrast, party colors that definitely stand out against the crowd.

The diamond icon incorporates the wedding aspect and also is a play on “Miner,” we do love how it all fits together.

Erick was a gem to work with and we are proud to have worked on these design projects with him. He is talented and provides quality service!

The Experience

Here’s what Erick had to say about his experience with Bea + Elle Designs:

Problem Solved. I was having trouble with the formatting on a webpage to display nicely on a mobile device. The communication was on point. I felt they knew what my end user would want to see and delivered a great page.

Loved every part of it and most likely will be back with another project that I can't figure out soon enough.

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