What is Branding?

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I'm sure you've heard the word "branding" before, but what does it actually mean? When you think of Tiffany's Jewelry store what comes to mind first? Is it a little blue box? The logo? A high end shopping experience? Or the types of people you visual wearing their jewelry? All of your answers depict the Tiffany's brand. Branding is not one image or one logo - it’s the message as a WHOLE.

The easiest way to explain branding is by mentioning names like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, New Era, etc. Each of these companies has a very distinct brand. You know what to expect from their products, their customer service, and even your shopping experience. Not only do they have distinct brand styles, they also have distinct brand strategies. The How, What, Where, When, and Whom they are delivering their products and services to.

The definition of brands are the images and ideas consumers relate to a specific product or service. Many aspects may trigger brand recognition such as: logo, design, font, slogan, jingle, or even a spokesperson. Pine-sol lady anyone? The ultimate goal is that your target market should be able to recognize your brand more and more throughout its existence.

When starting a new branding or re-branding project, you have to think about more than just a logo. You've got to define your brand and all of brand elements that go with it! We've made it pretty easy with out Do It Yourself Brand Audit Workbook.


Bea + Elle DIY Brand Audit

We know that this is just a tip of the branding iceberg and its a pretty big iceberg. We love working with clients to be sure that your business style and values are emulated with your brand. We can help you understand what you need for your business and your brand. We'll help you develop a brand strategy and style guide to help you stay on brand. The goal is to make your brand consistent so that it can be easily recognizable by your clients and customers.

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