Why Building Customer Trust Is Important for your Business

Simon Sinek is famously quoted as saying “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

In a business market where there is so much competition, your values and who you are as a brand are what makes you stand out from your competition. This is what will help customers to relate to, and connect to you as a brand. Trust is one of you most valuable assets a business owner can have. It helps you build long term relationships with your existing and potential customers.

Trust Generates Revenue

It’s a known fact, consumers will buy from brands they believe they can trust.

But let’s take it a step further, if your customers trust in what you do and why you do it, they are far more likely to become a brand advocate. These advocates are true fans of your brand. Someone who happily sends referrals your way because of their trust. Generating new business and increasing revenue is a goal of every business. Especially when it requires minimal effort on your end. And it’s always nice to have fans!

Trust Protects Your Brand

While as a business you hope to never make a mistake, it sometimes happens. Having established trust with you customer base allows you to better weather the storm. Trust establishes a track record of good intentions, allowing consumers to be far more forgiving, and less likely to believe that any actions were intentional.

With all this emphasis on why you need to build up trust, how do you actually do it?

Have A Professional Appearance

I can’t stress enough how much first impressions count -I’m pretty sure we mention every chance we get. Every representation of your brand should be professional. This is where content planning can help you so much! You’re less likely to make mistakes when you aren’t in a rush to post something on social media.  Consumers are far more likely to trust in a brand that looks legitimate. With that in mind, investing in professional brand and web design is always worth it. 

Quality Products/Service

When consumers are spending their hard earned cash they expect to get what was advertised in return. Always deliver or even OVER deliver on your promise by offering a top-notch product and unbeatable customer service. When customers have an exquisite purchasing experience their trust in the brand is reinforced.  You may even get some awesome reviews and testimonials!

Stay True To Your Company Values/Mission

Consumers connect with brands over shared values. If you promote your brand to value something and behave contrary to that, it’s difficult for anyone to believe in what you say or do. Take your values and what you stand for extremely important, it speaks to the character of your brand.

Display Reviews

Let’s be honest, consumers are smart. They are aware that all your marketing efforts are in an attempt to sell them something. Having access to reviews from real customers helps cement customer trust by seeing other’s experiences with your brand and business. 

Share Positive Media Coverage Of Your Brand

Don’t be shy! If your brand is making waves in the industry for doing great things, it’s okay to shine a light on that. It allows consumers to see more of who you are as a brand and what you’re involved in. In other words, it allows them to get to know your brand a lot better.

While trust can be considered a complicated matter, building customer trust doesn’t have to be. Following the tips above will set you on the right path to building long-lasting, and trustworthy relationships with your customers and clients.

If you need help with any of these steps, we’re happy to chat. We’re here to help you build your business!

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